Monday, July 25, 2011

Gracias, Del Mar Academy!

(Del Mar Academy Graduation Day)

Sadie has attended lots of terrific schools in her relatively short school career, but last week was the first time I've cried during end-of-year parent/teacher conferences. That's how much I love Del Mar Academy and how sad I am to leave it. Because yes, it is not just Sadie who is leaving the school, it is the entire family.

One of the great joys of this sabbatical has been the opportunity for Ian and I to get involved in Sadie's school. As I've mentioned before, we joined lots of committees, helped out whenever and wherever we could, and generally hung around the school quite a bit. It gave structure to our lives here, it allowed us to better understand who Sadie is and what in the heck she does all day, and it provided us a wonderful community to be a part of. (As a plus, Del Mar is also a beautiful place to spend time).

The Del Mar community is filled with amazing and wonderful people. The kids and the parents are fabulous and the teachers and staff are incredible. During our final parent/teacher conference, I choked up as I tried to tell Sadie's teacher how much we appreciated the fact that the teachers and staff at the school are so committed, engaged, inspired, supportive and creative.

I didn't understand what Montessori was a year ago and though I often joked about not having any idea what it is the kids do all day and whether or not they were actually learning anything, the truth is I was so impressed by the school's belief in and commitment to the Montessori method that I was easily converted. I still don't understand it, really, but I do know that Sadie learned and grew in myriad ways this past year, and loved every minute of it.

(Aerial art we created on World Environment Day)

(Planting trees at Guiones Beach)

(Culture Day)

(Nosara Manta Ray Swim Team)

(Yoga class)

(Field Day)

(Del Mar farm)

So, I'd like to thank Del Mar Academy. Thank you for providing a place where our entire family could learn, play, laugh, work hard and love every minute of it. Thank you to the other wonderful kids and their families, to all the stellar teachers (particularly Ms. Sarah, Ms. Maria Jose and Ms. Vicky), and to the amazing staff. Thank you to the other parents who work so hard to make the school the special place that it is. Thank you to everyone for welcoming us with open minds and open hearts.

(a good portion of the Del Mar student body and parents at a birthday party)

As I sit here in Guiones at a local cafe writing this post, I find myself getting teary eyed again. A bit embarrassing perhaps, but really, how lucky am I to find myself crying about leaving my daughter's school?

Thank you, Del Mar Academy, from Caitlin, Ian and Sadie!

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  1. Caitlin, this is a very touching letter ! I am so glad to read such positive things about your experience here in Nosara and in particular at DMA. I know you will be missed and we are seriously thinking of inviting you and the family for next year's talent show....I'll see you before you leave, but I now want to thank you for your contribution this year. Abrazos a la familia Brittón !