Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring in Nosara?

I've noticed a lot of talk on Facebook lately about spring back in the States. Folks all over the country are finally seeing some flowers poking out, the chill of a long harsh winter making way to warmer spring weather, switching out boots for sandals....

Here, as you know, it is hot. In fact, it has gotten significantly hotter over the past week or so. We have not suffered a long cold winter. However, as we near the end of the "dry" season and closer to the "wet" season, things are changing in many of the same ways as back home.

Nosara is blanketed with deciduous trees that lose their leaves during the long dry season, significantly changing the landscape from when we first arrived.

View from Deck - September

View from deck - April

But as we now move towards the rainy season, the air is getting more humid and the landscape is changing again in preparation. Trees are regaining leaves and flowers are beginning to show in what seems to me unexpected and random places. It is beautiful in its unexpectedness, charming in its surprise. Intriguing to see signs of "spring," in the change from hot and dry to hot and rainy.

We did have a nice little storm move through here about a week ago. It was short but strong, bringing rain of the type that we haven't seen in months, enough to even wash off some of the layers of dust from the sides of the roads. Shortly after the storm, we were treated to a nasty home invasion of flying ants. Large winged queens, smaller winged males, and wingless workers suddenly appeared at dusk, swarming around any and all light sources in our house. It got so bad on the second night that we couldn't even have the light from the computer on, or we would be swarmed by dozens and dozens of the things (thankfully they don't bite). I read to Sadie by flashlight under the covers and I spent the early morning sweeping away hundreds (really!) of dead winged ants from the floors of the house. On the third night, Ian finally came up with the smart idea of opening up all the doors to the house, turning off all the lights inside, and putting a couple of lamps out on the porch to lure them outside. Thankfully, the worst of it was over after that night and on the fourth night we actually turned on a light or two for a short time inside. By the fifth night it was over and we could again eat dinner, write emails, and read. Springtime for hormigas alas.

Luckily, winged ants aren't the only things exploding this time of year. We're seeing more birds around our house, the monkeys seem to have more babies, is MANGO SEASON!

Finally, after seven months of waiting, not only are there mangos all over town, but we have them within arm's reach from our house! Time for mango smoothies, mango margaritas and mango ice cream.

Happy spring, everyone!

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  1. Aww man and we thought we had bad and determined ants here. I miss the baby monkeys.